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There are thousands of properties for sale and for rent, especially in Limassol.   

Finding the right one for you will take a bit of time and the right approach. Start with the online searches.  To find the best properties for your needs, you can check www.scala.cy

 When buying property in Cyprus you should adhere to the following steps:  

  • Research the areas and decide where and what size property you need 
  • Read up on Cyprus in general – you can check our previous blog posts for this 
  • Find a reputable Estate Agent or Property Developer – you can do son on www.scala.cy
  • Make sure that the they understand fully what your requirements are, you do not want to waste time looking at unsuitable property  
  • Once you have found your own paradise in the sun, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty of finalizing the purchase. Find yourself a reputable property lawyer to help you through this procedure. 

Buying property in Cyprus for non-European citizens, will entail getting permanent residence or Citizenship by Investment. Non-Cypriots have to register as an Alien and get an Alien Registration Card or yellow slip for identification purposes.  

Non-EU citizens with sufficient income can also live in Cyprus. In most cases you would need to reapply for a visa on an annual basis so that you can prove that you have the necessary funds in a local bank account. 

Getting a reputable property lawyer to represent you, is highly recommended. The lawyer will do a search with the Lands Registry Office to check that all has been submitted, and also to check that the house isn’t mortgaged and is clear for you to obtain the title deeds.  It’s important to note that estate agents are not lawyers should not be the ones to advise you on matters which require legal representation. Never sign anything before seeking legal advice. 

When purchasing from a developer who has multiple units in a complex, make sure that the sale contract is deposited and registered at the Land Registry Office. In complexes like this, the whole complex needs to be completed before title deed are issued. In this way you will be protected under Cypriot law, and there will be no dispute over ownership of your property. 

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