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Cyprus is a dream destination nestled in the Mediterranean, with close and easy access to Europe, Asia and Africa.  

Apart from its beautiful weather, sandy beaches and hospitable citizens, Cyprus has a lot to offer being part of the European Union.  

If you’re looking to move to Cyprus, here are the fundamentals you should know before doing so:  

How to apply for a visa 

If you are not Cypriot or an EU citizen you will need a visa to stay in Cyprus for more than three months, and you’ll need a work permit if you want to work here. It is advised to apply for a job before you actually move, so that you have a guaranteed income from the beginning. Your future employee will need to send you a contract and help you get the proper documentation for a work permit.  

Non-Cypriots have to register as an Alien and get an Alien Registration Card or yellow slip for identification purposes.  

Non-EU citizens with sufficient income can also live in Cyprus. In most cases you would need to reapply for a visa on an annual basis so that you can prove that you have the necessary funds in a local bank account. 


Cyprus has many public and private schools. If you are Greek-speaking, you would be able to enroll in public schools which is free, however non-Greeks would have to enroll in private English medium schools, where there is an annual fee. Private schools can be found in all main cities on the island. Ideally, it is best to enroll in advance, to ensure a place for your child.  

Real estate 

Rentals are considered reasonable if you compare them to most European cities, however salaries are relatively low so the cost of living can prove to be a bit difficult if you do not have a good income.  

There a number of developers that you can go to for property rentals or property sales in Cyprus , which you can find on www.scala.cy


Cyprus can boast over 300 days of sunshine, with even a few days of snow in the Troodos mountains! It really is the ideal place for those who love the sun and the sea, and for those who are looking for a better quality lifestyle for themselves and or their children.  


Permanent residents in Cyprus are entitled to free healthcare at any of the island’s hospitals or doctors who are registered under the island’s latest healthcare system GESY (NHS).